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Cerpen - Everyone Have Their Own Path

Someday in the morning, i just arrived on time, very rare situation because i often late or come to school when the bell is ringing. today i am on time. my smile just arrived in my lips.

My name is bedjo, just call me that. that nickname is popular in my hear since i go to English course and my English teacher ask us to describe someone that famous. in that time i describe about osama bin laden and at the same time i introduce my self as bedjo bin laden. and after that my close friend call me bedjo. sounding silly but i like it. in Javanese bedjo means luck.

I just sit in my class 2.4. since there are rule about student must read Holy Quran ten minutes before study in first hour, the bell is ringing in early - i dislike the early bell :lol:. after the bell ringing religion teacher watch us, everyone who don't bring Holy Quran or do homework when that time will be punished. today no homework in the morning and also i don't come late. so great!

“Hei Djok, you get it” tama said.
“what?” i look at tama lazily, my imagination is just disturb.
“First rank in Chemistry Olympiad” he replies.
“Oh” my eyes is rolling on the window.
I dont overhappy, i just dont show it. its in me :woot:, I am happy but i dont show it. it just my second time in Chemistry olympiad, the first one is when i am in firdt grade, i got third rank. When i was in first grade, i dont believe that i got it, i am first grade student compete with second and third grade. in this year i am more optimistic and i get it. when tama my class leader say about it I am very grateful.

Tama, is my prefect (ketua kelas), He has fat muscular body (-_-”), his body is quite high and always has a sweaty hands. He is cheerful, he is one of my best friend in senior high school.

I caught a strange look on his face after all, when he brought good news for me.
"Why are you ma?" I said.
"I'm fine, I applaud with you ..." his voice get smaller,
I feel strange feeling.

+ + +

3 years is more than enough to find Tama's talent. His treasures. That afternoon I ride my friend's Vespa to Magelang, to national tae kwon do competition, Tama is one of athlete that follow it. I am college student in one of private university in jogja. And that day I go to magelang especially to meet with tama. My big bro.

He grow faster, I see someone that struggle to reach his dream.
“jok, do you remember that you ever advice me to struggle to reach my dream because each person have their own unique?” he shoot me.
“yup...” I replied
“Thx to give me spirit, I'm so inspiring since I talk with you when you got rank in chemistry olympiad three years ago...”
I was touched


one year later, I found a message from the social networking from Tama, he will compete in the sea games. My best friends now bring the good name of the Nation.
I'm so proud, one week after tama's good news. I got the answer to my effort, my eyes staring at the laptop screen which confirmed that I get 2 months of opportunities to visit berlin.

"Tama see you at the TOP" :D

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